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You live in a bubble

Made of higher expectations

Surrounding you are the hopes

Of the grown-ups of this nation

It’s always been around you

This big and sturdy bubble

You just never noticed it before

You thought it was so subtle

But one day your innocence

Burst like the bubble would

If the bubble’s expectations

Were something you understood

As the years go by

The walls of the bubble get closer

But you don’t know if you’re getting bigger

Or the bubble’s getting smaller

It’s like they’re trying to contain you

Trying to fit you into a mold

But no matter what way you bend or fold

The bubble just can’t be controlled

You try to dissect the bubble

Try to see what it is made of

What those expectations boil down to

So that maybe you’ll break through

Maybe you’ll smash that bubble to pieces

And watch the walls of your world crash down

You’ll finally get to see the world

Through your own eyes for a change

You’ll finally see this nightmare you live in

get rearranged

But let’s be real here for a moment

That’s probably not going to happen

At the end of the day

You’re not the one calling the shots

Children have no say

And are treated like robots

No matter how hard you punch or kick

Those invisible, sturdy walls,

Your hand will hit brick

And you’ll be the only thing to fall

With every day that goes by

You’ll get a little more used to the bubble

Until eventually you’ll buy into the lie

That it’s there to keep you from trouble

You’ll lose all will to fight

And accept their accusations

Because no matter how hard you try

You can't live up to these expectations

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