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Poem 13

Fears unknown, hand in hand we go

From one place to another, where shall we go

Shall we go east where death is inescapable

Shall we go west where darkness consumes us

Shall we go south where dreams and hope are

Shall we go north where we extend to our full potential

Or shall the fear of the unknown stop us?

Shall we hide?

Shall we go?

Shall we stop?

Shall we stop dreaming because society doesn't agree?

We love who we what!

We look the way we want!

We dream the dreams we want!

We no longer live in fear!

We come out brave and strong!

Have courage for you are no longer alone!

We feel what you feel.

We feel unwanted.

We feel sad.

We feel angry.

We feel happy.

We feel pain.

What's most important?

Our happiness?

Our love?



Changing ourselves for society?

Hiding who we like/ hiding our feelings/ not being ourselves?

We shouldn't ever have to change.

Be proud regardless of race/ gender/ or sexual preference.

For you are important.

You never have to change, feel what you want, love who or how we want.

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