My love, my life

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This is an apology for not posting in so long, No, i am the real Liza Koshy, I am a big fan of hers and i know she hates when we write. Sorry Liza!! i love Liza Koshy, if you like Liza, this is the book for you.

Poetry / Romance
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Love is pain

When i met the love of my life, i thought it would be forever love. Turns out we were too young to know what love is. I should introduce myself. Hi, I’m Liza Koshy. I have loved David for so long, i just need time to learn how to love myself. Plus, with Liza on-demand and Freakish. (angels singing)! Hallelujah for all of my friends, haters, my producers, All the smart people, all the smart people. Now put your hands up! (Beyonce reference) Back to the subject! I was writing this to you to tell you that i am not mad at David or anything, i just needed to learn how to love myself before i can love anyone else. Side note: I apologize for not posting on YouTube in so long. So many things are happeneing. This is just a love letter to all my fans and haters.


Liza Koshy

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