A Tribute in Silver

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For Lost Voices

There is this funny thing I do

I sit down at my desk and the creaking chair welcomes me back

I open my notebook, the spiral binding thin and flimsy

I pick up my pen, prepare to wield it like a magic wand

And words flow

They march across the page, tiny ants

Little soldiers in a row

26 letters

Constantly reincarnating

Earning new life

My world grows

It is populated by my thoughts, my hopes, my dreams

People come to visit, but they do not stay long

It becomes clear that my world is no more than an island

It is adrift at sea,

Floating in a void

It calls for attention, but its voice is lost

It cannot compete with lol

With brb

With lyl

With satisfaction now, please step up, no waiting, get what you want, put it in your hand and be content

Perhaps my pages are not strong enough to hold the weight

Perhaps I should have learned to wield a sword instead

Its beauty dims

My island begins to sink


Then I look around

And in the void I see other islands, growing from the depths

They are brand new

Mouths whose tongues are still growing

Then I listen

And from the smallness of my island, I hear their voices

They are loud



They say to


Listen to ME

NOW can wait

Revel in my words

Revel in the beauty of my truths

Recoil if you must, but hear me


My world is not an island, after all

It is an archipelago

A constellation of worlds

A mythology for a galaxy

A chain holding up the sky

All together we shout

And the world turns to listen

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