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Salted Tears | ✓

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Have you ever had that feeling? You know, the one where it feels like it’s the end of the world even when it’s not?

That’s what I feel right now.

I’m sitting on the bleachers, waiting for my boyfriend - wait no, correction... My EX-boyfriend.

He’s at football practice and I watch every one. That’s what you do when you love someone.

The way he plays is amazing and I love when his face lights up after every touchdown they make at games or whenever he makes a good play.

The team has been practicing for a long while now and it’s just about time for them to all leave or head to the showers.

Standing up, I wait for something I miss, for something that I know won’t happen, for...

Cole Wraine to run up the bleachers and put his arms around me like the old days.

But that’s not what happens. I watch with a sad smile on my face as he glances up at me before his new cheerleader girlfriend runs up and kisses him smack dab on the lips.

This happens every single day. It feels as if an anchor is making my heart sink all of the way to the bottom of the ocean and I don’t have enough strength to stop it.

I don’t know why I do this to myself. No matter how much it pains me to see them together, I’m just happy to know that he’s happy.

Even if it’s not with me.

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