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A poem discussing the complications in morals; what is good and bad?

Poetry / Drama
Alexander Ciochetti
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When did you start believing in morals?
At what time did you decide I was the villian?
You cut me so deep; it was you painting the walls floral
I only tried to be fulfilling
But you had another idea of love
In my mind you were the hero I lacked
In my heart you came from above
I was only betrayed and attacked
Hero or villain; you always fought
Good or bad; I was always left caring more
Beautiful or ugly; I was always trying to swore
But your hate and rage
Kept me contained
Sustained by your lecherous stare
It was to much to bear
Your guilt trips burdened me
Your victim card was over played
Hero or villian I was ready to flee
My visit to your prison has been over stayed
Free myself to make a blank page
Forget all about your cage
Free to be a hero;villian

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