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It's Not Me

When I look into the mirror
I see something I don’t want to see.
Should I be feeling guilty?
This isn’t who I wanted to be.

I’m already kneeling before you.
Do you expect me to beg?
I never meant to make such a mess.
I never thought that it would go this far.

This was just a sad invention.
I thought I could be more.
I was wrong.
I’m sorry.

You’re so good for me,
But I’m no good for you.
I wish I could leave the past behind
But if I look ahead,
I’ll just see the same.

This world has split down the middle.
Which side are you on?
Blur all the lines between the love and the pain.
You touch me and I come alive.

Everything will break.
It’s already crumbling.
How long can I fake this smile?
These scars will never fade.

I am not what you want.
Someday you’ll see that
And leave me behind.
Perhaps everyone’s to blame.
Perhaps no one’s to blame.

You’re in my veins
And I can’t get you out.
My world is on fire.
Who lit the spark?

Salvation has a heavy price.
Can I pay it?
I’ll always say I’m fine.
When will it stop being such a lie?

I should be stronger.
It’s what you want, isn’t it?
I am truly sorry.
I didn’t mean to end up this way.
I was supposed to be different.

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