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Car Window

I watch the world pass by
From my car window
And I think.
I think about you and me
And what we could’ve been.

But I wasn’t enough for you.
I wasn’t what you wanted
Or what you needed.
Does she fill the hole
That I was unable to see?

I miss you all the time.
I see you with her and my heart aches.
I may not know what love is,
But I can certainly tell you what heartbreak is.
She’s all you know.

You hear what I say but you don’t respond.
How many questions can you ignore?
I’m really scared.
This feeling of dread wells up inside of me.
And you don’t care.

What was wrong?
Why didn’t you tell me when you had the chance?
You didn’t want to hurt me.
Well, it’s much too late for that.

You’re not the person I thought you were.
You take but you never give.
She was my best friend,
But do you care?

It’s strange how suddenly we’re strangers.
Why was I the last to know?
You were my first love.
You were my worst love.
Maybe you were right all along.

They say a person never leaves you.
Well obviously that’s not true.
This is always going to hurt.
You almost healed me.
But I just couldn’t heal you.

The music dims.
Your dramatic exit is over.
This is my time now.
My music.
I can find refuge in my own mind.

Take me backwards.
Turn me around.
Can I find my balance on this ground?
This world is so heavy.
I’m afraid of how this ends.

Nobody’s going to save
Someone who won’t change.
Nothing’s coming easy.
I don’t know if this is what you wanted.
What’s wrong with me?

What are we doing today?
Lying? Betraying? Bleeding?
Maybe you’re what’s wrong with me.
Maybe you can’t see.
Maybe it’s not my fault, after all.

Love is what we came here for.
I suppose it’s time for me to leave then.
We were not meant for each other.
You had your exit
And now it’s time for mine.

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