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Broken Wing

Every time I try it’s all the same.
You say “be this,” “be that.”
It’s like you think this is all a game.
But it’s not, it’s life.
You don’t even know my name.

You don’t think that I can break?
Then what is this constant ache?
Look at me and tell me you know me.
You can’t, can you?
I keep making the same mistake.

I really wish I could change for you.
Maybe then I could make you happy.
But I’m afraid this will snap me in two.
Take a step into my shoe.
Maybe then you’ll see why I withdrew.

All I’ve ever wanted is to be the best.
I thought I could grow from this.
Does my heart even beat inside my chest?
Every day’s a new challenge.
I guess life’s the ultimate test.

Which way am I supposed to go?
North, south, east, west?
I guess the answer is you don’t know.
I’ve never felt so damn low.
I’m not supposed to let this show.

Why are you so disappointed in me?
I wish I could fly away from here.
All I’ve ever wanted is to be free.
I want to be taken by the sea.
Maybe then I wouldn’t have to be.

Your words cut me like a knife.
Is this really my life?
It’s like my eyes aren’t mine.
When will we end this strife?
Our conflicts are too rife.

Where has all the color gone?
Your darkness smothers my light.
I want to once again see the dawn.
Will the sun ever rise?
Will I ever cease to be your pawn?

In your eyes, I will never be good enough for anything.
Why is it that you get to be the king?
’Cause, you see, you’re the one you can’t stand.
It was never me.
But I will always be the broken wing.

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