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Just Hold Me

I’m beginning to think
That maybe I was right.
I can’t be loved.
I can’t make you feel
What I wish you could feel.

I’m not a hero.
I can’t save you.
I can’t even save myself.
Why does everyone expect me to?
I am not a hero.

Every time I hear you cry,
My heart breaks.
This wasn’t my intention.
I would give up everything
To see you be happy.

I know what you’re scared of.
The fear courses through your veins
With every passing heartbeat.
Well, I’m scared too.
Could this get any worse?

I’m just tired of being so lonely.
Can you just hold me?
You put your arms around me
And I’m home.
You’re my oxygen.

Maybe we can pretend.
Maybe I can pretend.
Pretend that you love me
Like I love you.
Just say you won’t let go.

But where does pretending get us?
More pain? More heartache?
I’m sick of it.
This makes me sick.
You make me sick.

None of this is your fault.
You are not to blame.
I’m just weak.
I should’ve expected this.
Why am I so surprised?

I will never leave you.
Your warmth gives me life.
I can breathe when I’m with you.
It’s okay if you never love me.
Just hold me.

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