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An Endless Night Sky

In your arms, I am home.
I am made whole.
All this time wasted waiting,
When all I needed was you.
You are a beginning
I am willing to pursue.

I finally have you.
I get to love you,
And it’s the greatest thing
I will ever do.
I used to walk alone,
But now even when you’re gone
I can still feel you.

I won’t find my fears in your arms.
Just hold me and I’ll be safe.
Your love makes me immortal.
Darling just kiss me slow
And let’s get lost in the moment.

God, we’re so in love,
Fighting against all odds.
With you, I would dance.
With you, I would sing.
I would love.
You’ve opened doors
I didn’t know existed.

I am unafraid.
I face darkness with a smile
When your hand is intertwined with mine.
In your eyes I see a future
I had never dared to imagine.
But you’re with me,
And for once, I am truthfully fine.

I know nothing lasts forever,
But I could love you for an eternity.
I will miss you when you leave,
So for now I’m going to love you
Like there will be no tomorrow.
Just you and an endless night sky.

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