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To Her, From Him

Goddamn I'm so nervous.
Goddamn I'm so worthless.
How can I deserve her?
She holds me like the night sky
Holds the moon.
Her touch is worth
One hundred thousand deaths.

She sings to me.
I want to feel her words
Against my skin,
Against my lips.
I want to trail my fingers
Through her hair.
I want to kiss her lips
And share her breath.
Can I be enough?

I can offer her
The security she desires.
There will be ravishes of passion,
There will be gentle lulls.
She's made me feel things
I am not equipped for.
I cannot stop feeling them.

She is my light,
My life.
She is my only one.
And she is strong.
She will burn this world to ash
For those she loves.
Her madness is my madness.

She takes me places
I've never been,
Opens doors I've never seen.
She is my muse,
And I am hers.
Every time she speaks,
I go weak inside.

I am lost in the way
She loves me,
Like a blackbird loves the night.
And her kiss,
Like her lips could save my life.
She makes me feel the reason
I'm alive.

Goddamn she's so perfect.
Goddamn she's so beautiful.
So many things I could say.
She is so worth it;
The pain, the fear, the sacrifice.
I'd live through it all
If I could stay by her side.

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