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To Him, From Her

He's a silhouette on the peak
Of a mountain.
Stoic bravery.
They assume he isn't strong
Because they cannot see his scars.

He will always be more than enough.
I don't deserve
To breathe him in,
To touch his skin,
To feel his love.

In his heart he feels the pain.
He bares the weight of
A thousand universes,
When they don't even know his name.
But I do.

He is my light,
My life.
He is my only one.
There will be no other.
His breath is an exhale of purity.

I know I am fire,
I am anger,
I am madness.
He is my balance.
My savior.

There will be ravishes of passion,
There will be gentle lulls.
I am consumed.
And I get to die knowing
That not only was I loved;
But I was loved by him.

He is the epitome
Of a fulfilled life.
There is no other with his light.
It blinds me.
With him, I can find my strength.

He is so worth it.
The pain, the fear,
The sacrifice.
I'd live through it all
If I could stay by his side.

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