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I Promise You

I promise you
Years from now
You will hear my laugh again.
I promise you
You’ll walk in the door
And find me waiting.
We’ll smile together
And touch each other.
Don’t cry
For the memories we had.
Let them show you the light again.
Because I promise you
I will not forget them.
When you look into the sky
Tonight, I’ll be there.
I promise you
I’ll remember you.
Some day along the line
I’ll hear our song again
And you’ll be on my mind.
I promise you
A someday.
I promise you
I will find you.
We are not lost,
We just forgot how to walk
Side by side.
But I promise you
We’ll learn how to again.
Just because we’re not heard now
Doesn’t mean we won’t be.
I promise you
I hear you.
I see you.
I love you.
And if you still want me,
I will follow you anywhere.
And that’s a promise.

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