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You're Still My Favorite

The clock rings out,
I take your hand.
It’s the end of an hour;
The start of a new one.
I look across at you
And say three words.
Not very profound ones,
But they’re truer than anything.
“You’re my favorite.”
My darling, you’re the only good thing.
You’re the only one.
The sun is setting,
Shadows lengthen.
It’s the end of a day;
Tomorrow a new one begins.
And baby right now
It’s just you and me.
I could stay this way forever
Because you’re my favorite.
Everyone in this hellish world
Falls away
And your eyes are all that’s left.
But nothing lasts forever.
The lengthening shadows
Disappear into night.
It’s the end of an era.
The end of “Getting to Love You.”
And now a new era begins.
The one of “After You.”
I walk alone
In these streets we used to know.
But darling,
You’re still my favorite.
You always will be.

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