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Hate Love

The way you made me feel
Scared me more than anything.
It was way too god damn real.
And now I’m left with nothing.

I feel like I’ve been hung up on you
For far too long.
I’m so tired of feeling blue.
I don’t belong.

If you could find a way, would you?
Am I still what you want?
’Cause baby, with you I flew.
But it couldn’t last, we were truant.

This twisted thing called love
Is not worth all the pain.
Dead is Aphrodite’s dove,
And my heart shrivels in shame.

It’s not your fault I’ve learned to fear
Something that’s supposed to be so pure.
But my mind is now clear;
Love is pain, of this I’m sure.

It uses a disguise to gain trust,
Settles in their hearts under false pretenses.
They don’t even notice when it all starts to rust;
And break all the promises.

I fell for you in no time at all,
Then my heart was gripped by a thistled glove.
I was innocent, I didn’t want to fall.
So it was only fair I learned to hate love.

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