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One Second, A Lifetime

You smile, you laugh, you cry.
Since when did life get so good?
But in the end, we all have to die.
I promise I did all I could.

It takes one second to change everything.
And a whole lifetime to fix it.
But if there’s no reason for feeling,
Then I guess this is all just...shit.

I mean, I can’t even laugh anymore.
Since when did life get so bad?
It’ll take all I have to swim to shore.
This loss is driving me mad.

I don’t want to die.
I know I will someday.
I just wish i could say goodbye.
It would give us closure; send me on my way.

But this is it for us.
It’s time to close that door.
But I’ll always be stuck in this mess.
Just waiting to die and nothing more.

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