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Profoundly Alone

It's not that I don't see the stars.
The stars just don't see me.
My voice grows hoarse
But did I even make any noise?
I'm going in circles;
Not going anywhere at all.
These stairs lead to Something,
But I just keep on falling through.
It's not my fault they were poorly crafted.
And I've lost my balance;
Whirling and reeling into Nothing.
My trembling hands,
My tired heart,
My dizzy mind.
I can't hold on to anything.
Closed eyes,
Slow breaths,
Sleep takes me.
Not enough,
So fleeting.
And I've lost my balance.
And at the end of all this,
I've just one thing to say.
This life has given nothing,
And yet I never expected
To end up so profoundly alone.

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