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All You've Got

I don’t wanna be a burden,
But could you please be more concerned with
What I do and say and act like?
No one seems to notice when you’re down
Unless you’re bleeding.
But sometimes the worst wounds
Are the ones you can’t see.
No one seems to hear you ’til you’re loud;
Then they call you crazy.
Hide in the bathroom,
Wear your long sleeve shirts.
Swallow the broken glass
So they don’t see it.
Just take your pills
So you can sleep at night,
Spend so much time questioning yourself
Until there’s no time left.
Smile through the fear of being forgotten,
Left behind, abandoned.
You’re the only one you can blame
When they desert you.
Struggle to stand,
Don’t ask for a hand,
Your pride tells you no.
You’re better alone.
It’s no way to live to have nothing to give.
Too bad all you’ve got is yourself.
It’s too bad all you’ve got is yourself.
Just put the music in your ears,
Put your hood up.
Let your hair cover your face.
Hide so no one sees you.
Take the easy way out,
Don’t let them know you.
At 2am you’re sitting in silence,
Surrounded by dark,
Smothered in dark.
Shaking, crying, fighting your thoughts.
Oh honey, hasn’t anyone told you?
It’s no use.
You can’t fight it.
Your demons know you better than you do.
They’ll tear you apart from the inside out.
There’s no way out of it.
Oh, it’s too bad all you’ve got is yourself.

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