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Who I Am

Who I am:
A girl,
Kinda short.
Blue eyes full of...
Tired most of the time.
I'm sixteen years old,
Too young to die
And too young to live.
Sad most days.
I turn bad things
Into worse things.
A past of pain
And violence.
A girl,
All the time.
I wonder why
Life isn't what I...
Hoped for?
I want a lot of things.
This isn't one of them.
"Do you think you're
Ha! No, I'm not,
But I'm happy to know
The worse that I feel,
The more that I grow.
I'm just a girl
Who lives for the future,
And for who she'll
A person who wants
To destroy me.
I can't wait to meet her,
She sounds just like poetry.
I'm getting claustrophobic
In these closing walls.
I want to roam...
No longer afraid
To live.
The world is my gallery.
No longer guilty
For using others' words
In my own.
I am beautiful...
ly tragic.
This is who I am.
Just a girl.

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