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I feel this strange melancholy
when I look at the stars.
Like I'm missing something.
Or rather, somethings.
I miss my mom,
who I've never really known,
but she still leaves a hole in me.
And I miss my uncle,
who's led a shitty life
but didn't deserve any of it.
My sister lives across the country,
and I wish I could talk to her
more often.
Like, really talk to her.
I miss my friends.
They're not perfect,
but they're kind and loyal
and they care about me.
They've just got this light.
And I know that without me,
they're living and breathing
just fine.
There's Michael;
he's the laid-back stoner
that doesn't mind when I
rant about my feelings.
And there's Morgan and Noelle,
who love each other to death,
and would both do anything for me.
They all love to dance.
I wish I could dance like they do.
Instead I sing,
but only when I can't
be heard.
And Matt, he's the oldest.
Straight as a rainbow,
only wants me to be happy.
And I miss the boy
who I can't seem to stop
The one that made me feel
special. And rare.
And beautiful.
I miss feeling like that.
I miss feeling happy.
I miss the time
when I could breathe easily.
I miss when I didn't
always fight with my dad
and my grandma.
But now my home is always
a war-zone.
So is my heart.
I miss when I didn't cry
every day.
Life never turns out the way
people want it to.
It's a lesson we all have to learn
I'll always miss these things.
It's just the way it is.

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