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I Wish

Do you remember?
Do you remember when we laughed together
On that warm summer day?
When the sky was bright and the world was happy?

Have you seen the way I look at you?
When you’re not paying attention,
Do you know how I study your face?
All the perfect imperfections,
And all the beautiful flaws.

When you laugh I can hear the world
Laugh with you.
When I look into your eyes,
It’s like the rest of the world fades to black,
And you are the only color I see.
When you speak,
You are all I can hear.
But when you are gone,
It’s like everything is dull.

It’s like I’ve gone deaf.
There is nothing for me in this world
If you are not in it.
And yet I know that when you look at me,
You see nothing but the scared, ugly girl that I am.

You are blind do me,
My love,
And I fear you always will be.

It wasn’t that long ago that you were just my friend,
My family.
But now...
Now you refuse to leave my thoughts.
You are everything I think about.
You are everything I want.
You are everything I need.

I know that you will never feel for me
The way I feel for you.
And it’s okay.
I forgive you.
I will always forgive you.
Because you make my worries fade away.
And your friendship can be enough for me.
It has to be.
So I thank you for all you do for me
Without even knowing it.

I just wish I could tell you this
Without being judged.
I just wish you could understand
Without strings attached.
I wish you could see me as what I am
Instead of what you see.
I wish you would talk to me.
I wish you would trust me.
I wish you could love me.
I wish.

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