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You Should See Me In A Crown,
a Tourniquet around my neck...
Kiss Me.
this is the City Of The Dead,
all these Sleepless Nights,
aching, aching.
but this Fire never dies
and i am Haunted.
Little Do You Know, i had
A Million Dreams of you and i.
i wish i hadn’t been the
Last To Know...Down Poison.
so i guess this is
How To Be A Heartbreaker.
you’re White Horse has been slain.
and I Never Told You that you were
the Only Angel.
my Queen, you were a Riptide.
this is All I Do, but I Wouldn’t Mind
falling into this Strange Love.
but i must Learn To Be Lonely,
there are always Consequences,
and i’m staring into an empty Kitchen Sink
i battle an Unknown Soldier,
but i will never be Good Enough to win.
The Show Must Go On, so Kiss Me Slowly.
If I’m Being Honest, i’m walking on a Tightrope.
i’m afraid, I Can Feel It.
i want to Run.
this Little Game never ends,
and I Can’t Help Falling In Love.
i’m a Goner.
this is Never Enough,
and my Night of Anguish is always looming.
if only i were Older.
but Together We’ll Fall,
into the Water Fountain.
i’ll pretend i’m not Falling Apart.
you were my Almost Lover,
but i’ve Had Enough.
I Will Follow You Into The Dark no more.
these Roses speak of Strangers,
Over And Over.
and my Words Fail.

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