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No Magic

I don’t believe in magic.
I don’t believe in fate
or meant to be.
I don’t believe that everything happens
for some predetermined reason.
I don’t believe in miracles.

Once upon a time there lived a little girl;
a princess who lived her life
in blissful unawareness.
It wasn’t until this girl started to become a woman
that she realized she had been cursed.
Cursed by a powerful witch who lived in the east
in a dark castle.
The girl could no longer feel light,
but in the most fleeting moments.
The girl and her parents, the king and queen
sought to cure her of this curse.
They searched the land far and wide
for a miracle.
A spell that could save the girl from oblivion.
And finally, when all seemed lost,
it was found.
The cure.

Except that’s not really how it happened.
There was no cure, no king or queen.
There was no evil witch,
no dark castle.
No miracle.
Just me and my splitting headache
and labored breaths.
There was no magic.

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