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I don’t think I understand.
I don’t think you understand.
You make me so angry.
I just want to shut you out of my life.
But I only want you to be part of my life.
No one matters as much as you.
I never want to talk to you again.
But you are the only person who makes me feel.
You make me feel so many things.
So much fear and anger and hurt and sadness.
But also so much love and happiness.
You make me feel like I can fly.
You make me feel alive.
You make me break down when no one is around to see.
You make me smile in the middle of the worst situations.
You make me laugh when all I want is to cry.
You make me cry when all I want is to laugh.
You send my heart soaring and then you crush it in your fingers.
You make me hate you.
You make me love you.
You’re so cruel and yet you’re the kindest person I know.
You have such a gentle touch and you’re so careless.
You make me see everything but you’re still so blind.
You act like you care and then you laugh in my face when I confide in you.
Your very existence is a lie and yet I feel like you’re the only truth.

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