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Sometimes I Don't Know Where I Am

Truth is the only thing I can give, because it's the last thing you took from me.

You mistook lust for love, just as you have mistaken being alone for loneliness.

It may have been a breakup for you, but for me, it was an exorcism.

I have so much to give, but I will never give it, not after what you did with it.

It's so frustrating, because love refuses to hate me back.

I think you probably think of me when you kiss them. I was the best you'll ever have.

You're just the dream inside of a dream. I know I don't know you, not anymore.

A dream, a reality, a memory.

I can't hate you because I loved you. But I will never like you.

I believe in me. I can be great. I can be everything. I can be anything.

I am stronger than we were.

I am real.

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