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All Stars Die

Your betrayal was like a ghost--
I suppose there were signs of its presence.
I suppose I should've known
you're just like all the others.
A thorn pricks my brain...
My heart?
I'll miss you
I won't miss you.
Is that how you depart
from an old friend?
Seven years are nothing to you.
He is more important than I was.
He will leave you.
I would have stayed forever.
The world...
I would have given it to you.
That's what friendship means to me.
That's what love means to me.
All flames burn out--
All stars die--
All people leave.
It's hard to understand, though.
Why you did this to me,
after all we've been through;
after everything you know I've been through.
I've been done for a while.
You could have told me.
But I take heart in knowing
you'll have no one when he leaves,
but I'll have the whole world
because I never gave it to you.
Fuck you for doing this--
But I suppose you taught me
what I should've already known.
People are flames--
they burn out.
People are stars--
and they die.
I hope you're happy.
I hope you get everything
you ever wanted.
And then I hope it gets taken from you.
Because you don't deserve it.
Do you hear that?
None of you deserve it!



You're just another name
in my list of traitors.
Maybe I'll forgive you.
But I will

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