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There are things you don’t know.
About yourself, about the world around you.

The bus jostles down the road---
and you’re still staring into the sunrise.


Have you ever felt the magic?
There’s nothing but stars above you and---

How...exhilarating, like dancing---

In solar systems. In galaxies.

It’s like wondering and then knowing.
Like sinking and then floating.


I know you look at him,
and wonder what he thinks.

Do you know that’ll get you nowhere?
Did it ever occur to you to just ask?


Life is a puzzle---
Ink scrawls on paper in attempts to solve it.

That overused:
Life is made of moments.

But perhaps you can never know
a moment’s value until it is a memory.


You are impatient.
That’s understandable.

Life has taken more than given---
You’re tired of missing.

You haven’t realized yet?
You can relax.

Everything you need will come
at the perfect time.


It’s when those notes right out,
clear as those eyes you once loved.

That’s when your soul feels complete,
isn’t it?

Love is what you came for,
and music is what you got.

Is there a difference?

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