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Screw You

Screw you.
You think you can play with my emotions?
You can lie to me?
Well you’re wrong.
I have been through far too much
For this to be how I’m treated.

Screw you.
You think you can be cruel to me
And I’ll just sit there and take it?
Well you’re wrong.
I’m stronger than the others.
You can’t break me.

Screw you.
I am not one of your “flings.”
I am a human being who feels
Love and pain and fear.
You can’t treat me like dirt.
I am not dirt.

Screw you.
I know what you’re trying to do.
You don’t get it do you?
You can’t tell me just what
You think I want to hear.
Especially if it’s a lie.
Believe it or not,
What I want to hear is the truth.

Screw you.
Screw. You.
You CAN NOT treat me like this.
I will not stand by while you break me
Over and over again.
It’s over.
No more.
I will not be broken by you.
You are nothing.
You are NOTHING.

You think this is all just a game.
You’re my best friend.
You’re who I love most
In this whole fucked up world.
But if you think for a second
That that means I will let you do this
You’re wrong.

I deserve to be loved.
I do.
I really fuckin DO.
But all you people do is HATE.
It’s so fucking unfair!!
All I want is you to love me.
I hate this world.
I fucking hate it.

Screw you.
I can’t stand you.
I can’t stand people like you.
I sacrifice everything
And for what?
So you can spit in my face?
So you can fucking lie to me?
It’s time for you to get out.
I’m done.

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