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This has become a problem.
You and I.
Two sides of the same coin.
I can’t escape you.
Everywhere I turn
The darkness looms.
Who am I to think
That I deserve to be happy?
I’m nobody.

Why are you back?
I thought I’d lost you.
Will I ever be free from you?
You are a drug.
And I am an addict.

I suck in the air
And grit my teeth through the pain.
’Cause with you, there’s just no winning.
Like it or not, you’re still a part of me.
And I’m still a part of you.

Through fearful whispers
They can tell I’m far from fine.
Is this what it feels like
To weigh the choice to live or die,
And not know which is worse?

I stumble through your darkness
Without a shred of light.
I will never reach the other side.
You smother me.

I’m not supposed to feel this way.
There is no end to this storm.
There will be no rainbow after the rain.

Where does it hurt?
Where doesn’t it hurt?
I wish it could stop.
Just stop.
I’m so tired.
I’ve been fighting for so long.
How much longer?

Sometimes I think I can see beauty.
That maybe,
Just maybe,
You’re gone for good.
And I can feel a lightness spread
Until your dark fingers drag me back down again.

What am I?
Skin and bones.
Nothing worth anything.
This is madness.
Even when they’re gone,
I’m never alone.
You’re a constant part of me.

You know me better than anyone.
We are one.
And I am falling.

Is this how it ends?
It’s how it began, isn’t it?
Just you and me?
I’m too far gone.

Deep within your twisted truth
You made yourself a home.
I will never be okay.

Everything ends eventually.
But not you.
You’re a constant thought,
A constant presence.
Even long after I finally pull the trigger
You will still hold on.
There is no escape.

I am addicted to the cold blade
That you give to me.
I’m addicted to the blood it spills.
I’m addicted to you.
And I’m tired.

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