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My Life Through Poetry

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Depression. Heartbreak. Sadness. Hope. Recovery. Happiness. Mental illness. Chronic illness. Pain. This is my Life Through Poetry. These are the thoughts and poems of a girl living with mental illnesses and chronic illness. She has her ups and her downs but somehow she makes it through everyday. Though she may struggle and though she may fall, she makes it through it all. That girl, Is me.

Caty Lyle
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The Waves

The Waves

I feel the sun on my toes.

I watch the waves,

Come and go.

I begin to ponder my life.

Sometimes my life is calmer waters,

Where I can see the beauty of the ocean.

How warm the sand is,

How beautiful the sunsets are,

And how blessed I am to have calm waves.

Other times,

The waves consume me,

Hurricanes of destruction,

Destroying everything I love.

There is not sunshine,

Only waves of darkness and death.

The only good thing about the waves is,

They come and go.

Nothing is permanent.

The waves can bring great joy,

Or horrible destruction.

I never know which,

So I just ride the waves.

Enjoy the calm waters when it's there,

And keep going when the hurricanes hit.

But for now,

I am just going to ride the waves.

And pray,

I can make it through another day.

That I don't get consumed,




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