Confessions of a Stargazer

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"So I sit and swallow them, the words left unsaid. And I let them consume me, so they have something to do." Poetry written by a girl with her head in the clouds and her soul in the stars.

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Unsaid Travesty

Am I to live out my life like this?

Coming in and out of hazy daydreams?

Of memories?

Of nightmares?

All where you are so close I can feel you, yet too far for my words to travel to meet you.

The words fester with unchecked emotions, untamed anger and fear.

And they sit and they sharpen their blades and nock their arrows

All waiting for the tiniest tear in their dungeon’s walls.

My regrets about you haunt me into my one safe place

My personal castle

My personal prison

And I know no words will make their way to you

No, the distance is too great, the obstacles too many.

Yes, I know if my words could reach you all they would do is hurt you

Their hands stained with bloods, they would show no mercy.

So I sit and swallow them, the words left unsaid.

And I let them consume me, so they have something to do.

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