The Black Owl

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Owls are wise and perceptive and poetry embodies it. This is a collection of poetry including sonnets, ballads, and free verse.

Poetry / Fantasy
Helen Howard
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Scarlet Silver

Love is a killer with a dangerous smile,

Murdering its victims with delight,

Dark is here, out with the daylight,

Like a serpent, it spits venom in spite with effortless guile,

It is burning but cannot kill,

In this nightmare, I still have my mind and will,

Here the creature was baptized with a perfect name,

Doubting one by one, alone without himself with nothing to claim,

Scarlet under the moonlight silver,

Be the one to laugh the last, in this barren world so vast,

Snow white tears in the mid of winter,

Born as an outcast, destined to be an iconoclast,

Take my dream, in your tears I’ll drown,

I’ll be nowhere to be found.

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