The Black Owl

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Forgiveness' Burden

A silent watcher holds all of the keys,

I’ll show you the sea of drowned starlight,

Of straw houses and broken mirrors to haunt forever,

Memories of the sweetest kisses ever, a wondrous flight for a hearty endeavor,

Maimed and named as the lonely wright,

Mother, forgive me, please.

One by one, we light the candles of this darkened shore on bleeding knees,

Sacrifice and sacrilege among those with souls filled with fright,

Crushing dead autumn leaves, a bond of trust and life severed,

Shared among and stolen by those who’d think they’re clever,

it must’ve been quite a sight, a decaying woodland sprite,

Father, please hear my quieted plea.

Bury me in the scars of your heart,

So you and I can never be so far apart,

Hold me oh so tight,

And give me one last kiss goodnight.

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