The Black Owl

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I Am

Through and through the mind of mine, I’m bound,

Once before I was lost and found,

Now this ever turning wheel controls my soul,

Broken and beat until I find myself whole.

No story left untold, no path left to venture,

With spirits low, I slowly wander in a lonely adventure,

For the wine, I do die,

Nothing more, nothing left but my death that is nigh.

Soulless and tormented I go,

For one last kiss, I too intend to rid myself of this woe,

Wandering ever on alone, I continue my self-carved path,

Leaving many of the widows to mourn my passing and to drown in my wrath.

I am time and death incarnate,

I am the one who watches you from birth,

I am the figure in the doorway when you’re all but alone.

The medication does naught!

The sleepless nights have caused you distraught!

Could it be that you know how this story will end?

Could it be the shadow creeping under your bed?

I am not your pain,

I am not the suffering that haunts you,

I am not the savior you would expect.

Madness it is! I need not more of your mortal lies,

Only those who know not of rules will you call the Lord of Flies,

The law you seek is governed by none,

And with wondrous cheer, you dismantle your sanity like you’ve won!

I am the one who seeks the impending doom,

I am the one who tucks you in at night, oh, so tight,

I am the one who now wishes that you had never taken your life.

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