The Black Owl

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The Bedtime Story

These stories told and shared among people of all realms,

Far and near, they gather in for the kill,

A tale will be told and a name will be cursed,

A hero sent as a savior, an end to all evils,

But you were never told the truth because it was and is a transgression.

In the remotest reaches of the night,

You will find that you were designated to die,

Crucified until the morning light,

Leaving your flesh exposed to the crows who take their final flight.

Your soul is shipwrecked in icy waters green,

To the heartless gods, you’re unseen,

For spells that bind and torture you till you believe,

Vertical stars above and the murky ground below you breathe.

These nightmares are meant to tame the imagination from conception,

Far and near, they swallow hard through shaky breaths with trembling hands,

A tale born of heresy and treachery,

A scoundrel possessed by woe, an ender of hope,

But of this, you were never told because you kept the truth.

Could this be real?

You won’t believe your eyes, too far and close to feel,

My will was broken and there I’m damned to forevermore kneel,

This pact of blood cannot be undone, what a precarious deal.

Oh, can you see me in the fire?

Hear my screams,

Make the final wish that once was a dream,

Oh, please don’t ever call me a jester or lair.

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