The Black Owl

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Bloodletter, the one I adore,

Without thought, you strike a kiss deep, chanting our lore,

The grave has been dug and you are without those to mourn,

Autumn leaves, summer and spring, all are dead in the end in dark forlorn.

There’s no turning back,

Bloodletter, the one who awakens the beast inside, a spirit without purpose,

The sense, the fear, the scared are left for your final attack.

Touch me with your anger, fill in the holes you’ve dug in my soul,

Like desolate craters on the moon, the dawn of a new day strikes past me in blinding light,

In such silence, these trying times leave me null to the crumbling bones,

I close my eyes to feel this magic in the night.

Bloodletter, the one I loathe, the one I lust for, who was never meant for me,

So if this night linger on in anguish then just set me free,

To die alongside the fallen, those who have fought for you,

These little lies are burning through us like wildfire, denying the invisible truth.

So welcome to our nightmare, where we, the villains, who wear the corrupted crown,

We feed the myths that we both never believed, creating discord inside the court,

Just more scum, just more criminals, just another puppet whose life hangs on by a thread.

Bloodletter, I beseech you!

What is it you hide behind those cold eyes?

What is the truth, where did we fail? Who else will feed you lies?

Bloodletter, I bow to you no more!

I carry the burden of guilt that you so deny with hatred, leaving all to cry,

I’ll stand and meet the challenge, to the death I say,

When my blood runs as cold as yours, only then will I greet the coming day.

Bloodletter, your ways are done, your reign ends here,

Overlord no more, a peasant as the day you climbed to power,

Taken to a dark hold, you will rot in the loneliest tower,

Imprisoned to your hell, pray to the unknown heaven in fear.


Oh, my dear friend, this is where cowards and heroes part ways,

I told you once and warned you twice, my words mean nothing and your life is worthless,

I fueled the flames and usurped your throne,

The monster still rules these lands, a ram with endless energy, I will swiftly destroy all.

Your trust, your favor, your dreams are all mine,

And now I close the door and leave you to wither,

Bloodletter, none knows your fate and never will for all-time.

True to her word, the woods witch had promised so,” The mirror does not lie.”

The visage before me distorts in mysterious ways,

With a satisfied grin I breathe,” The mirror does not lie.”

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