The Black Owl

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The Mystery Display

A mystery this it is, a mystery to me,

Oh! What tribulations could it be?

A wondrous fountain of youth?

Or maybe a shoe tied to loose?

Oh! I am being vague!

But if you stay more I shall say!

The mystery that leaves my weary soul pondering,

Wears a smile every day and sends others squandering,

With a noble heart and fedora hat, the mystery goes on a rant!

A smug bastard it is! With a pipe and hound who can howl a chant.

Fast winds and heavy rain cannot stop this mystery of mine!

The sun can shine and the rain can pour, send a tornado to combine!

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, ” they say,

But it’s these Boston boys and their subs that ruin my day,

Dodging the press was always a mess,

“Hey!” I say,” Give me some rest!”

A mystery this it is, a mystery to me,

Oh! What more tribulations could it be?

Was a purse stolen?

Did the old school teacher finally forget what’s a colon?

Now I’m tired, please let me be thoughts!

Aye! Some rest before I finally solve these insane plots!

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