The Black Owl

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Transparent as you are, I see you fall under far,

Only in this life alone could you be so hidden,

Sky above and night below and still your memory is forbidden,

Yet your name is forgotten, pinned on a long lost fixed star.

A dogmatic ring of voices leave you to forge a twisted path,

Of pain and misery, you count the days of your wrath.

Secrets kept to death, a promise and a swear,

Your freedom is paid with scars before destroyed by the morning light,

Falling further and further you die inside from such a height,

This hurt you keep will only build a thick layer that you will bear.

You run away laughing at your broken past,

All I had ever done, all I ever wanted was you,

For this life alone, I will always be true,

But where I was wrong did you run too fast.

This cloak you bear,

We’ll never be far apart if only the game was fair!

If I could only continue to forgive,

Forsaken and bound you have drowned,

You shelter yourself away from light but tonight you are found,

Letting the heart die and cry, if we could both live.

You are the one who is left behind,

If I had the power to hold you under until death then your role is already assigned.

A name forgotten, a love lost and weathered,

Where could you ever go?

Leaving me to weep as all you are lost and alone?

Transparent as we are, at last, we fall together.

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