The Black Owl

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The Sinner's Repent

The shaking memory leaves me breathless,

A shadow casting the nightmare above the trees and mountains in the world beyond,

Wishing now that your sacrifice was not in vain as this world ends,

Spilling blood but forever staying clean,

This futile sacrifice of mine was for naught,

I hold these lives like glass, their lifeforce wilting at my touch,

Crushing their dreams and wishes as I let mine go,

Who is the one to hold me during my hour of despair?

Where will I go when the clock finally strikes the twelfth hour?

Or is death just another illusion like a dreaming silhouette in the garden?

Some trick that hangs over our sanity, ordering us to obey,

No, I know that death is real for my kingdom lies in ruins,

I know that my heart will stop but my essence never will,

The forests I once roamed are charred,

The lush green grass is only a bloodied swamp as the rains fall,

The homes of my subjects are piles of memories that will soon fade away,

All life is gone, dying off one by one,

You were my final kill,

Nothing will end this chasing nightmare,

But I forget myself, this was my dream,

A wish made into reality,

To allow this demon world to spawn, causing hell on earth,

Forged into this endless chain I’m a prisoner of my own rule,

The sickness with me, the one I loathe is the one I call master,

The memories of my past lives have foreseen my reign!

But the feeble attempts of my parents burned but didn’t kill!

I’m the supreme ruler but it won’t be long until my fall,

To rot and decay away in the farthest reaches,

But I couldn’t let them take away my will!

It won’t be long, I will return and claim the throne,

A kingdom of a thousand years, I will be the one to stand alone,

As the last man standing, I will rule and decay above these dying lands,

Mourning will never come as the daylight will never flood,

Beseeched by the gods, I take my own life,

Lost in the endless void, I was never alive to see myself die,

A creature of death I am, damned to live my life in loop,

A lustful beast I am, my love for the dark is what kept my dying heart,

It will never leave me,

This being of lust is all I will ever trust, poisoned and dazed,

The beast inside me must be killed,

My way must never end!

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