The Black Owl

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Time Goes On

Come and stay,

Make my day,

Chase away the gray,

Keep the bittersweet memory of you.

You can’t sign away your life,

Even though you’re stuck in a tide of strife,

Time and time the pain feels like a knife,

Stop being so blue.

Here we are in a dance,

Take now your final stance,

Give life one final glance,

Cry tears of morning dew.

Raise the chain,

Count your gains,

Try not to strain,

See the welcoming view.

Time by time,

Clean away the grime,

Watch the flowers in their prime,

Wonder in dreams of strong bamboo.

Sign or resign on the line,

Count until the number nine,

In the watching eyes of the divine,

Think this through.

Say goodnight to the light,

A long forgotten love so bright,

Passion overflow by the wright,

Follow yourself in a long pursue.

End of all,

End of Time,

Listen to their hearts,

Heartbeats fast,

Drumming on.




Dream escape,

Time wastes away,

Until there’s nothing left to say.

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