The Black Owl

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Speak True

To look up at the night sky,

To see the stars, they glow,

Like fireflies in the dark,

A beauty to behold in this world so stark.

Murderous thoughts,

When I’m alone,

In my tangled mind of knots.

These words laid upon the altar,

Unspoken inside me.

Fly out beyond the stars,

Where my dreams take me away,

Through the dark.

I steal the night,

I stain your purity,

In this world so cruel.

Hounded by hell,

I call out your name,

These lies untrue!

I stain your purity,

Without thought, I drain your love,

Become mine in the night,

Your soul is mine.

I am the collector,

Loving you,

Caring for you,

Listen to my words for they speak true.

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