The Black Owl

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Dying Light

From where you find the madness haunting the insane of society,

The darkest desire is but a dreaded fate away,

Holding naught the will to wield the scepter but to steal the crown,

Jagged promises made from sin and leeching worms and worthless oaths,

Keep to your own and leave me to the sorrows,

For my sins are made of blooded tears by the damned angels,

Take your prayers and send them to the stinging sands,

Of loneliness where you and I cannot survive,

Tonight alone you ride into the beating lust of the Lionheart,

You and I can’t stay alive.

Born to form the unending life,

Have the dye cast among the faithful’s own with whispers of treason,

Keeping the sacred oath at the twelfth hour,

Frozen in this moment like time is standing still,

This life is like a siren screaming high by the eclipse,

I don’t know how or if I’ll survive.

Hold this secret prayer with my own blood,

Take in this elusive high,

So we can bide our remaining time,

Torture has taken my soul and what we all fear and trust.

How can I?

How can we?

How will this be kept safe from your wanting mouth?

How will we all survive this coming night?

From where our desire grows inside the wandering mind and I die,

Always arising from my last breath where I become one of the dead,

Take your crown and hold it to your pale breast,

Feed the darkness with your hatred and steal my screams,

To oblivion, I kneel to the horned god,

Stare at the broken sky and see the hammer rise!

Sins I say!

Dare say you need not the unholy savior!

Always hiding in your black sheen nightmare!

Maybe this lantern has been holding my silence in low cries!

This wish is what you call for as everything dies!

My unholy savior has taken my home where I did not belong,

Keep me awake and paralyzed,

Keep this secret with you and hold me until I’m terrified,

Did this world fall into the sky,

Into the abyss of vice and lies.

How can I?

How can we?

How will this be kept safe from your wanting mouth?

How will we all survive this coming night?

Is this how I will die?

I call to myself in this prison of mine!

I send all of my prayers to the end of this strife,

Renounce that false god and name myself the Unholy Savior!

In the breast that feeds you poison,

Curse be thy wish upon the golden fruit,

And keep me away,

From your dying light.

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