The Black Owl

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My Word Alone

Here you are,

You’ve come to spout your words,

From a hateful tongue,

I warn you now,

Opinions be damned!

I will not comply with your will.

Hear my words now,

See the beauty in my brutal honesty,

I am not your servant anymore,

These thoughts I have,

Are my thoughts mine alone?

Words are what they are,

A mystery to you,

Don’t pretend to be offended,

My mind is my own.

Hear my words now,

See the beauty in my brutal honesty,

Watch your actions,

And watch your heart,

Disagree with me,

It’s alright, I understand.

Listen well, girl,

I will never bow to you,

Why should I try?

And hide the ugly in me?

Look past your feelings,

Know that we are two different people,

I know what I’ve done,

Forgive me for bearing my own,

My beliefs are now used against me,

I know that I’m different,

No need to remind me!

Hear my words once more,

See the beauty in me,

Look past what you see,

Know that I have a heart in me,

A heart that beats for my blood only.

I’ll not apologize for what I’ve said!

Just realize we are two minds,

Know the beauty of diversity.

At last, hear these words,

I speak truthfully.

Now walk away from what you can’t take,

In other words,

Just deal with it.

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