The Black Owl

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Abandoned by my own belief,

Understood only by my grief,

I can’t be afraid of what the changes will bring,

My passion rivaled only by the darkness foreshadowing,

A hundred years or more,

My story will drown in long-lost lore.

Through madness, I will conquer all,

This is my time,

Who is the one to drag me under the pain?

Destined to be one with the chain.

This the beginning of my last stand,

Where are all the rules?

You’re a bunch of fools!

Hear me now,

It won’t take long,

So take my hand,

And hear my call.

Worry not,

This is the end,

We’re snakes caught,

Waiting now for the one godsend.

I’m learning to forgive,

The forces I will not outlive,

Watching the coming dawn,

Now I’ll wait for all to be gone.

Hear me call,

Is this who we are?

I’ve wandered these lands,

Now I sail to scorching sands,

To die at her hands.

I’ve left my homeland to the gods,

Should there be any left,

I can only hope for a quick death,

Mireka is close, I can taste her sweet breath.

Forever I’ll lay in the burning bed,

Stripped of my pain,

I will rest in peace.

Death’s champion is coming,

Coming for me.

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