The Black Owl

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The Desert's Woe

I am the blind one who sees,

Through bleeding eyes,

I am the one who’ll set your soul free,

Under the moonlit sky.

Imprisoned in a sanctuary of the wise,

Dark omens present only your demise,

The voiceless of many slain,

Doomed to fall forever like rain.

Hail to me,

I will be the virgin queen,

Witch, whore, Oracle,

Words are nothing, I’m the blind seer.

Listen well,

I have a tale to tell,

Across the seas of hell,

Scorched sands, screams echoing to an iron bell.

The people there dance around high fires,

The scent of oils slither closer sparking hidden desires,

There’s a man there,

Tall and fair,

His bronzed skin shines under the sun,

His weapons leaving alive none.

He’s a man of power,

Commanding all around him,

With fierce strength and willpower,

His people hum a hopeful hymn.

But one stands,

A firebrand against his will,

Alone in the hot sands,

Readying herself for the final kill.

A challenge for the ages,

A hero faces a murderer,

The gods wish her well,

Even though this woman is damned.

One night under a full moon,

The stars shining down like millions of torches in the night,

One man beloved by all,

Facing a woman awaiting her final downfall.

As the silence surrounded the two,

A cry rang out as the man charged forward,

With a satisfied grin, the woman drew,

A blade of black smoke,

The man fell with one stroke.

No one had seen her move,

Yet there were none to disprove,

She stood impassive and alone,

Watching the eyes around her swell with tears.

This wasn’t the end by far,

The Matriarch walked away under the stars,

To a homeland, she had fled,

There was one battle still left.

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