The Black Owl

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Ender of Time

Circling ahead above me,

A watcher casting a shadow as I flee,

Following me ever so sure,

A dove of white so pure.

When I’m free,

When my soul reaches esprit,

I’ll exist again,

Breaking the ball and chain.

Coordinations of a world beyond,

Waiting for the dawn,

Then I’ll respond,

With insurance of the evil spawn.


Cannot be obtained!

By thee!

Now I face this haze,

As it pushes me sideways,

I feel I’m going to lose,

But I know there’s no excuse.


Transcends now!

Now we flee!

And I’ll be free to live my life,

In this world where people are blind,

Where doves cannot fly,

Where no stars shine in the night sky.

How can I survive?

This coming tide?

How will you abide?

Oh! Where is my dark guide?

And my soul will die,

With a sigh,

Unseen by blind eyes,

I do not regret the lie.

This is the end,

The Ender of Time,

Without a trace,

We’ll be gone.


Bound to stay!

Just leave me be!

You monstrous beast. . .

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