The Black Owl

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Scions of the End

Shadows of her former past,

Her beautiful life was never meant to last,

She haunts these memories like leeches to blood,

Hounded by her misery in a flood,

Of sorrow and darkness,

The prying eyes of Argus,

Her last moments play before her,

Every detail is shown without blur,

The Exorcist’s prayers were in vain,

Her pleading drowned in her pain,

She was never the evil one,

The faithful without care for what they’ve done,

Disgusted, she turns away,

Unable to face the darkness’ sway,

The Creator had told Juliaan so,

During their time together in woe,

There was nothing that could be done,

Perhaps in death, she had won,

Visions of the future blaze Juliaan’s mind,

The fate of man is that of lice,

Catastrophes of fire,

Smoky snakes curling into spires,

The sea rising over the land devouring all,

Watching pure white flakes fall,

A sky once blue,

Turns into clouds of doom,

Alone she stands,

Wandering in a wasteland,

A spirit who knew how it would end,

She watched as Haley descended,

Now she waits for the newborn stipule,

For Zeta Reticuli,

Of endless forms most beautiful, like an ashen tree,

Scions of the Devonian sea.

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