The Black Owl

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The Downfall of Joan

Sincere is the Swan,

All that She’s done for the right is wrong,

Left in the silence of our woe,

Of the six clocks painted with their throes,

The gathering of crows with eyes that are blind,

Black wings, swift and unfeigned,

As the clock ticks past twelve,

Lost are we in the madness of this realm,

Where the Crow nods silently,

The Spider of the Red Diamond court of irony,

A girl wanders aimlessly in dismay,

Her mind twisted by the tricks of this domain,

The way to watch the world fall,

Is to be there when I call,

I am the end of the mind,

The parasite that will claim the lost rhyme,

Watch me now as I destroy Her this time,

Once and for all in a song of pantomime,

Heed my words for they are the truth,

My serpent tongue of vermouth,

I will enslave everyone,

My doctrine will envelop the sun,

She cannot hide from me,

I hunt her down like a flea,

Hear the sirens of the Downfall,

In a dance that will enthrall,

See the clock hands tick away,

Every dutiful in a job, like a dog who obeys,

Deny me and die,

Run away all but you cannot hide,

The Downfall is nigh,

My future is set in the wailing and sighs,

Now watch the Grandfather Clocks stop,

Time-defying the efforts of fools who run pawn shops,

Merry is the Jester,

But let this infection fester.

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