The Black Owl

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The Heartblood of Jesters

This is the last show,

Where clowns drown in sorrow and gold,

Their smiles replaced with anguish,

Our laughter fed by their pain,

Borne from their Heartblood,

From above the sky cries with rain,

The color of red velvet swirls like a storm,

Fire cascading around the velvet swarm,

Cries of agony!

Screams of horror!

Our laughter drowning them in a flood,

Dear Jester,

Spinning silks of burgundy,

Flames of inerrancy,

The dice lands on a nine,

Goblets overflowing with bloodred wine,

The jesters dance wildly in the flames,

The red and orange blankets the jesters,

Their hearts beat with sorrow,

Fighting for air, flapping about like sparrows,

We watch this gilded art,

Spilled from their own heart,

The picture before us made from lifeblood,

Like rosebuds,

Our laughter of Heartblood.

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